“U.S. Health Care: The Good News” T.R. Reid PBS Documentary

In his new hour-long documentary airing tonight, Former Washington Post correspondent T.R. Reid travels around the country exploring the cost disparities of medical services and care. His aim was to find successful models of high-quality and affordable health care – no small achievement in the United States, where we continue to struggle with controlling health care costs. He discovered that many doctors and hospitals across the nation actually have very effective models for providing excellent health care at a reasonable price. The documentary highlights two ACHP member plans: Rocky Mountain Health Plans in Grand Junction, Colorado and Group Health Cooperative in Seattle. These two health care plans have developed systems that can sustain high-quality health care for all of their members at lower costs, and they enjoy strong community support. Reid notes that Rocky Mountain Health Plans have implemented a payment model that pays for high-quality care and sanctions low quality care, and requires openness for all enrollees, including those in Medicaid. Reid also features Group Health Cooperative’s mostly integrated system that has provided a solid ground for an effective medical home. He says that “If every local health care system could be as efficient as the low-spending communities spotlighted in this film, we could finally afford to provide quality health care at a reasonable cost for every American.”

The documentary will premiere Thursday, February 16 at 9pm ET; in the Washington DC Metro area, it will be aired on Channel 26 (WETA) on Tuesday, February 21 at 11pm.


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